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If that notification doesn’t pop, then it doesn’t support Swift Pair, and you’ll have to jump into Settings and manually pair it through the old method. Not a big deal, but I’d like to see more devices support Swift Pair in the future. These aren’t huge changes, mind you, but the changes that are here I think will be appreciated by those who do use them.

Just take a screenshot and have Bing analyze it and provide more information. If you’re using a Microsoft-made Bluetooth device, chances are it’ll work with Swift Pair. You’ll know because the system will automatically ask you to connect to it via a notification when you begin the pairing process on your Bluetooth peripheral.

  • Varying face thickness can help optimize the springiness of the clubface so mis-hits will still compress and shoot off the clubface with good distance.
  • You’ll probably want to find a driver that corrects for both distance and direction.
  • You’d also want to look for high launch and low center of gravity to create extra backspin.
  • It might cost you a few yards of distance but playing more consistently from the fairway will more than make up for any distance lost.
  • If you find that your shots slice offline no matter how good your impact is, there are still options for forgiving drivers.

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It has a great new UI, but a regression in consumer features renders it unhelpful for a lot of people. There’s also a new Bing image search button that lets you quickly take a screenshot and search Bing for more information. This is good if you’ve seen an image that you’d like to know more about, but don’t know what exactly to search for.

The UI is clean and straightforward, offering text suggestions along the bottom for getting tasks started with Cortana. It also supports both light and dark modes, which is always a welcome sight. This release will be delivered as a full OS update, and not as a cumulative update like Windows 10 version 1909. This is because the changes at release are a little more substantial, even if that may not seem like the case on the surface. So without further ado, let’s dive into the Windows 10 May 2020 Update.

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You can now rename them, and have them save state across reboots. You surprisingly couldn’t do this before, so if you needed to restart for an update to complete, you’d lose all workspaces. As typing is the focus of the new Cortana, the UI emphasizes threaded conversation. Just like a text chat between you and a friend, the conversation you have with Cortana will be displayed via text bubbles in a scrolling list that you can refer back to later if needed.


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