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Actually, your account serves as a portfolio, so be mindful about the pictures you show to your viewers. This is a very important characteristic to keep in mind, while choosing photo sites, especially if you are going to store back-ups. Things happen and hard drives can get damaged and you will lose all your images.

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Picasa is Google’s creation and has an extremely user friendly interface. It lets you share edited pictures and collages HP Officejet 4500 All-in-One Printer drivers with your friends on Google.

It is designed by adding lots of features and not only beneficial for photo sharing. With its use, the users are able to make money by using their art of photography. Here, they can contact with numerous clients and sell their images or videos. Another biggest use of the platform is available as the file backup source and a source which is beneficial in showing or presenting the work.

However, the number of users on Picasa are relatively low as compared to other photo sharing websites. The editing features are very easy to use and even a lay person can work his or her way out of it. Facebook might be the default platform for sharing photos, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only free and easy to use option out there. Here are some other solid photo sharing options to make it easy to share photos with friends and family the way you want to. It completely necessary if you are a professional photographer or are working hard to become one. Opt for paid and free photo sharing sites that don’t compress your images, so the original quality is preserved.

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It tags images with location, date and more to make them a breeze to find, and it can automatically sort your photos based on the people — and even pets — who are in them. The Assistant feature automatically creates photo books, movies, collages, stylized images and animations.

  • External DVD burners typically have USB connections, but there are some that have eSATA connections.
  • Consider if you want an internal or external drive, look at the form factors available, and pick the best load type for your setup.
  • Technical aspects like burn speed, cache size, and ROM access time are also important so take a look at those numbers and pick the fastest, most efficient model you can.
  • As you look at external devices, check out the USB version supported by a drive to ensure fast connection and data transfer rates.
  • USB 2.0 is the bare minimum you should accept, with USB 3.0 being preferable.

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And if you want to edit these suggested project or create your own, you hardly have to lift a finger. And with “Rediscover This Day” and "Then and Now" you will find yourself revisiting and sharing photos with more frequency.


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