For example, visits to museums or restaurants are only possible with advance notice or reservation

For example, visits to museums or restaurants are only possible with advance notice or reservation

In addition, citizens are only allowed to receive a maximum of three guests per day in their apartments and should only use buses and trains in urgent cases.

For example, visits to museums or restaurants are only possible with advance notice or reservation. Discos and night clubs are still closed. If you do not adhere to the Corona restrictions, you can also face fines of up to 400 euros as a tourist. 

Mask requirement for all public spaces

The Netherlands attach particular importance to the distance regulation of 1.5 meters, which must be observed everywhere. Premier Rutte also announced a general mask requirement for all public spaces such as shops, museums or libraries. So far, this has only been an urgent recommendation.

"It is now up to us all"said the premier in the press conference broadcast live on TV. "Be realistic Dutch and take responsibility."

Since August 5th, in parts of Amsterdam and Rotterdam it is compulsory to wear a mask outdoors; this applies to children from the age of 13. There is no general mask requirement in shops in the Netherlands, but some shops now recommend wearing a mask. The outlet center in Roermond, which is also popular with Germans, has issued a mask requirement and in the indoor market and outlet De Bever in Beverwijk, the particularly popular parts of the market are no longer allowed to be entered without a mask.

What is the current number of infections?

The government is reacting to the dramatically increasing number of new infections with the new, stricter measures. In the past seven days (as of October 14, 2020), 252 infections per 100,000 inhabitants had been reported. The worst affected are Amsterdam and Rotterdam, each with around 410 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. The situation is almost in all regions "alarming"said Rutte.

In the first week of October, the Institute for Health and Environment RIVM registered almost 44,000 new infections, 60 percent more than in the previous week. Around 7,400 new infections were reported on October 14, around 550 more than the previous day. This was the first time that the 7,000 mark was exceeded.

Occupancy in hospitals is increasing rapidly

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The number of patients in hospitals and intensive care units is also increasing rapidly, according to the information. 34 people had demonstrably died of Covid-19 on October 14, and 13 deaths had been reported the day before.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there have been demonstrably around 190,000 infections and 6,631 deaths in the country. The number of infections has more than doubled since the beginning of September. 

Sources used: Federal Foreign Office Ministry of Health Netherlands Johns Hopkins University ADAC: "Holland vacation 2020: what travelers need to know now"News agency dpaAdditional sourcesShow less sources

The day after the federal election, the CDU is in a hangover: Despite the election victory, the Chancellor is on the defensive at the CDU press conference. Merkel is ready to talk to the SPD – and at the same time disappointed.

Laschet about SPD & AfD – Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia: "That makes me sad"

Laschet about SPD & AfD

NRW Prime Minister: "That makes me sad"

Armin Laschet on his own result, the AfD and the refusal of the SPD. Video

Patrick Diekmann reports from the CDU press conference after the 2017 federal election.

Tense mood in the CDU party headquarters: Many journalists have come to ask Chancellor Angela Merkel about the personnel consequences and difficulties in the exploratory talks.essay help 123 You don’t feel that the Union is the winner of the 2017 federal election. The Union’s losses were too great and too many voters were lost to the FDP and AfD.

CDU Prime Minister – Volker Bouffier: "The SPD has left the field"

CDU Prime Minister

Volker Bouffier: "The SPD has left the field"

The Hessian Prime Minister explains the reasons for the CDU’s losses. Video

Great Union losses

When Angela Merkel takes the stage, the exhausting election campaign and the difficult result can be seen on her face. She does not initially speak of an election victory, but rather soberly presents the analysis of the CDU presidium and the federal executive committee. "It was a very sober analysis. We have a number of colleagues who are no longer represented in the Bundestag, which is a shame and sad"says Merkel. "That is the result of this election evening and of course we had hoped for a better result."

On the day after the election, the CDU’s analysis is still sparse. According to Merkel, there is not much that can be said one day after the election. The Chancellor remained vague on many points. The CDU found that over a million voters migrated to the FDP and a million voters to the AfD. "We want to bring back the AfD voters with good politics." Like these "good politics" should look, the CDU has not yet provided any answers. They just want to solve people’s problems. These are, for example, questions of integration and illegal migration, but also questions of medical care in rural areas or local public transport, says Merkel.

Daniel Günther: Not just a reason to be happy at the Union

Despite losses and difficult exploratory talks, the Chancellor does not want the election victory to be talked about badly: "We have become the strongest force by far, despite all the disappointment." But she didn’t have any explanations for the result either. "We have now been in government for twelve years as a Union. That is a huge period of time. That is why I recommend that you also have to show some humility in front of the voters, especially since we have a difficult legislature behind us", said Merkel. "I have no illusions that it will be easy." Because the election campaign would have been full of controversy from left and right and the Chancellor does not see her own mistakes. "I don’t see what we should do differently."

Interview with the CDU General Secretary – Peter Tauber: "Sure it’s difficult, but …"

An interview with CDU General Secretary

Peter Tauber: "Sure it’s difficult, but …"

The CDU General Secretary about possible coalition partners of the Union. Video

"We have to implement that"

It will not be easy for the Union in the upcoming coalition talks. Merkel does not want to comment on possible problems today. First you have to talk to all parties. Merkel also does not comment on the problems that existed that morning with the sister party CSU. CSU boss Horst Seehofer wanted to vote internally on the parliamentary group with the CDU. But the CSU and Seehofer quickly rowed back. "Of course, the CDU / CSU parliamentary group will continue to exist"said the Chancellor.

First of all, the state elections in Lower Saxony would take place. According to Merkel, there will be talks with the FDP and the Greens beforehand. The talks will not be easy, the CDU knows that too. A Jamaica coalition is the only remaining option due to the rejection of the SPD. The Chancellor still hopes that the Social Democrats will give in and is ready to talk. "I heard the words of the SPD. But you should still keep talking", said Merkel. 

CDU Prime Minister in Schleswig-Holstein – Daniel Günther: "Jamaica deserves a chance!"

CDU Prime Minister in Schleswig-Holstein

Daniel Günther: "Jamaica deserves a chance!"

Daniel Günther already rules under a Jamaica coalition in Schleswig-Holstein. Video

The Chancellor cannot completely hide the disappointment with the SPD’s confrontation course. "Any speculation about a new election is the disregard of the vote", criticized Merkel without naming the SPD. "If the voter gives us an assignment, we have to implement it." The fear of new elections and an even stronger AfD seem too great in the Union to want to take the risk.

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As an explanation for the crash of the Union in comparison to the polls, the Chancellor sees the TV duel as a turning point. "After the duel it was a different situation: There was less talk about who will be Chancellor and more about who will be the third strongest party", said Merkel. The Chancellor does not see that she would have withdrawn from the dispute. "After the election result, I am of the opinion that for the German electoral system, rounds with all the top candidates are more appropriate than duels with the two largest parties." So maybe this is the format for future federal elections.

After his violent death, Fritz von Weizsäcker is to be buried in Berlin on December 2nd. His famous father was also buried in the forest cemetery in the Dahlem district.

Pictures from the life of Fritz von Weizsäcker

Photo series with 6 pictures

Around two weeks after the fatal attack on Fritz von Weizsäcker, the Berlin doctor is said to be buried in the forest cemetery in the Dahlem district. According to the family’s obituary, the memorial service for the son of former Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker is on Monday, December 2nd.

Fritz von Weizsäcker was stabbed to death on November 19 in the Berlin Schlosspark Clinic. The 59-year-old chief physician was giving a lecture there when a man attacked him from the auditorium. Any help came too late for the doctor. According to the investigative authorities, the attacker had "probably delusional" an aversion to family. 

Mourning for Fritz von Weizsäcker: Successful doctor and son of the former Federal President: attacker stabs Fritz von Weizsäcker in a private clinic in Berlin

Richard von Weizsäcker’s final resting place, who died in 2015, is also in the forest cemetery.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Berlin (dpa) – Hardly started, already over. The trial of the fatal knife attack against Fritz von Weizsäcker, the youngest son of the former Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker, takes a whole seven minutes to begin in Berlin.

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Exactly six months earlier to the day, a 57-year-old is said to have stabbed the chief physician to death out of hatred and seriously injured a police officer who intervened.