If we don’t get a tailwind from the federal CDU, they should at least spare us hurricane-like headwinds. ”The internal party tensions of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz had triggered.

If we don’t get a tailwind from the federal CDU, they should at least spare us hurricane-like headwinds. ”The internal party tensions of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz had triggered.

Since 1972 in the state parliament, he became chairman of the CDU state parliamentary group six years later. In 1991 he was elected Prime Minister. Teufel ruled the country for almost ten years, but the CDU leadership is not so sure whether Teufel will get through the next term of office. He was running for a full five years, said Teufel at the beginning of the election campaign. The scenarios for the changing of the guard are circulating in the press – even on election evening if necessary. The heir to the throne is CDU parliamentary group leader Günther Oettinger.

He is already shaping state politics today, and in the foreseeable future he will do that even more, according to members of the state parliament of his own party. Some went so far as to say that this was the future Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg. Not a popular opinion in the middle of an election campaign.

In 2006, when the 61-year-old made a public commitment, he will no longer compete. Source: ntv.de “The Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg Erwin Teufel has made little headlines nationwide in the past few months. But that changed abruptly on his 64th birthday. The CDU politician has become more public interest again, he says but now as a possible candidate for the successor to Federal President Johannes Rau (SPD). As early as the spring, the first speculations about a candidate of the Union arose.

Teufel said at the time: “I will not take part in the debate, because the office of Federal President must not be damaged.” For the Swabian, this ended the discussion. In 1991 Teufel took over the office of Prime Minister from Lothar Späth, who had stumbled upon an affair over industry-financed travel. After the state elections in 2001, the longest serving German prime minister was already classified as a “discontinued model”. But the CDU / FDP coalition in Stuttgart did its job without any major friction. As a representative of the Federal Council in the EU Convention, Teufel advocated the rights of the federal states in the draft constitution.

He caused a stir with the surprising announcement that the Baden-Württemberg administration would be completely rebuilt. Persistence, reliability, modesty and hard work are attested as devils, but the farmer’s son, who was born in Rottweil on September 4, 1939, is sometimes also considered a stubborn head. The staunch Catholic mastered the structural change in industry in the south-west in the mid-1990s. So far, it has rarely attracted much attention in federal politics. He was particularly involved in the dispute over a new state financial equalization scheme.

The CDU has governed Stuttgart in coalition with the FDP since 1996. At that time, Teufel failed in the state parliament in the first ballot for prime minister. Apparently, members of his own ranks refused to follow him. The time between the first and the second round was probably one of the bitterest hours in Teufel’s life. Teufel has had a picture-book career.

At the age of 25, he was elected the youngest mayor of Germany at the time in his home town of Spaichingen. In 1972 he moved into the state parliament, made a career as state secretary and in 1978 took over the chairmanship of the CDU parliamentary group for 13 years. In Spaichingen, Teufel is firmly rooted in the families of his children. He returns from Stuttgart to his hometown as often as possible in the evening.

Actually, Teufel didn’t want to vacate his executive chair in Stuttgart until 2006. But when he is nominated by the Union as a new candidate for the office, everyone expects that the 64-year-old will not say no. “He will certainly not refuse out of a sense of duty,” said a confidante.courage in to kill a mockingbird essay He has not yet been approached about the office. (Oliver Schmale, AP) Source: ntv.de “Erwin Teufel has elegantly got rid of his former cabinet members. The Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg sent two of his no longer needed employees to state-owned companies. One For the time being in early retirement, but maybe there is still a supply item for number three on the disposal list. Former Minister of Social Affairs Friedhelm Repnik changes to the head of the State Toto-Lotto GmbH. Thomas Schäuble, former Minister of the Interior, changes to the board of the state-owned Rothaus Brewery, where the two former, well-deserved cabinet members reduce company profits for a few more years through their earnings, after which the pensions from the civil service are due. Ulrich Müller, former transport and environment minister in the state, will turn 60 at the end of the year.

But whether it is already a case for early retirement remains unclear for the time being. Maybe country father Erwin will still find a suitable job for the Federal Cross of Merit – the devil knows – the new ones are called: Tanja Gönner (34). The social department takes over, Heribert Rech (54).

He becomes Minister of the Interior, Stefan Mappus (38) becomes the new Minister of Transport. Ernst Pfister (57), who is replacing Walter Döring (FDP). The former members of the FDP government, Werwigk-Hertneck and Döring, have not yet been given a new post .By Henning TroschelSource: ntv.de “The CDU apparently wants to bully itself out of political events these days. After the discussion about the Bundestag Angela Merkel, accusations of intrigue have also become loud in the CDU state group Baden-Württemberg. The aim of the attacks is to Be Prime Minister Erwin Teufel.

A follow-up debate has been going on in the CDU for months about the devil. According to media reports, the Baden-Württemberg CDU regional group in the Bundestag voted against a further term of office for Teufel in a vote with a clear majority. However, this was denied by participants on Wednesday. The deputy CDU regional group leader Andreas Schockenhoff spoke in Berlin of an “intrigue against devils from within their own ranks”. No statement was received in Stuttgart.

Teufel was on a business trip in Croatia. “Individuals are using a strategy of attrition to soften the Prime Minister and to undermine the jointly agreed schedule,” said Schockenhoff. This is a breach of trust on a monstrous scale. Schockenhoff did not want to say who from the regional group had passed on the “false information” to the outside world. According to the chairman of the CDU regional group, Georg Brunnhuber, there were critical voices in the meeting about a possible renewed top candidate from Teufel for the state election 2006 loud.

But there was no vote. In doing so, he contradicted a report in the Financial Times Deutschland, according to which around two thirds of the MPs voted for a generation change in Stuttgart in the session on Monday evening. The 65-year-old Teufel has been head of government since 1991. According to his own statements, he wants to comment on his political future by the end of the year. On February 12, 2005, a state party conference will decide who will lead the Southwest CDU as the top candidate in the state elections. Source: ntv.de “CDU parliamentary group leader Günther Oettinger has been the crown prince of Erwin Teufel for years.

At the same time, the lawyer repeatedly represented unpopular ideas and unconventional assessments in his party – and thus did not always make himself popular with the Prime Minister. In 1988, for example, as chairman of the Junge Union, he demanded the resignation of Chancellor Helmut Kohl (CDU). Sometimes he pondered in the Autoland Baden-Württemberg about the sensibility of speed limits on motorways, sometimes he thought a black-green alliance was feasible early on – in 1992 – the 51-year-old lawyer has been a member of the state parliament since 1984. In 1991 he was elected parliamentary group leader with a large majority. Previously, his predecessor Teufel had taken over the office of Prime Minister from the resigned Lothar Späth (CDU). Oettinger, who is also a media expert of his party, is considered a cool analyst who does not necessarily shine rhetorically. He can always be sure of the faction behind him.

However, the Union parliamentarians caused a scandal in 1996 when Teufel initially did not receive all the votes of the CDU parliamentary group when he was re-elected and failed to achieve the required majority. Since then, at the latest, the relationship between Oettinger and Teufel has been regarded as permanently disturbed, even if the parliamentary group leader had emphasized his loyalty to Teufel until the very end. The married father of a son had to survive an affair in his political career in the 90s when he was in contact with one Stuttgart pizzeria owners were said to have been investigated against, among other things, because of contacts with the Mafia. A parliamentary committee of inquiry confirmed Oettinger in 1994 that he had not been guilty of revealing official secrets. Source: ntv.de “Nothing stands in the way of the former Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Erwin Teufel’s second career as a student. The 65-year-old started studying admitted to the Munich University of Philosophy. Chancellor Ignaz Fischer-Kerli confirmed corresponding media reports. After recognition of the certificates, the ex-head of government from Spaichingen (Tuttlingen district) can enroll for the course on October 4th.

Recently it was disputed whether Teufel can be admitted with his subject-specific university entrance qualification, which the CDU politician has through his training as a senior administrative service. Teufel did not finish school in Rottweil with a high school diploma, but with a secondary school leaving certificate. Source: ntv.de “The Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Erwin Teufel has sharply criticized the debate about the Union’s candidate for chancellor. At the federal level, the CDU is currently entering devastating picture, said the Christian Democrat in the “Welt am Sonntag” with a view to the federal leadership of the party. The “completely superfluous chatter about a candidate for chancellor” was “at the wrong time”.

This rightly repels the voters. Teufel was alluding to the state elections in Baden-Württemberg on March 25th. “If we don’t get a tailwind from the federal CDU, it should at least spare us a hurricane-like headwind.” The internal party tensions of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz had triggered. He himself denied again on Friday that he wanted to present himself as a candidate for chancellor.

On ZDF, Merz said there was no discussion about the chancellor. “There are a number of candidates and everyone has to decide for himself what he wants.” The CDU party chairman Angela Merkel wants to clarify personnel issues in due course, as she said in an interview with ARD on Friday evening. There was a decision that “in this constellation we lead the CDU to win again”. Merkel is “glad that we are going this way with Merz.” Source: ntv.de “Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister Erwin Teufel has announced his resignation for April 2005. His statement in excerpts:” For me the priorities apply: First that Country we are chosen for.

Then the party for which we are responsible and only then personal concerns. I was also guided by this self-chosen standard when considering whether I should run the CDU’s top candidate for the state election again in 2006. (…) The CDU Baden-Württemberg has won all of the last elections. In the face of headwinds from Berlin, we achieved 44.8 percent in the last state election and remained under an absolute majority with two mandates. We achieved a very good result in the local elections, and in the federal elections the CDU Baden-Württemberg was the only state association with growth. (…) So we have a very good starting position for the next state election and we can only gamble away our chances ourselves through internal disputes such as those that have been cracked off the fence for several weeks and that are stoked up every day. In this way the CDU loses the trust of the citizens that we have gained for the state through work and effort over the years. Neither failings in state policy nor a bad starting position for the CDU can be brought into the field by the group that actively promotes a ‘ Generation change ‘operates. (…) This group finally wants to go into government itself, that is the only reason. That is legitimate, but it does not justify every means. (…) If the CDU no longer wants me to be a top candidate, I am free in my decision, although I still feel a great responsibility towards the country and towards the CDU today.

I would be unbearable if the citizens got the impression that I am sticking to my office. (…) So I decide not to run for the office of the top candidate of the CDU for the state election in 2006 at the state party conference on February 12, 2005. I have been elected as Prime Minister for this legislative period, i.e. until May 31, 2006. In order to give the top candidate for the state elections in 2006 the chance to campaign as prime minister, I will give up my office on 19.

April 2005 on. (…) Because I was always of the opinion that the Prime Minister should also be the state chairman of the CDU, I will give up my office as state chairman at the same time (April 19, 2005). I continue to exercise my mandate as a constituency member of Villingen-Schwenningen (…) and made my own decisions. (…) “Source: ntv.de” The power struggle over Prime Minister Erwin Teufel escalated on Sunday evening when Minister of State Christoph Palmer slapped Joachim Pfeiffer, a member of the Bundestag CDU. A log of the events: 24. October, 6 p.m .: After the OB runoff election in Stuttgart, the polling stations are closed. Minister of State Christoph Palmer, who, as district chairman of the CDU, organized the election campaign of incumbent Wolfgang Schuster, comes to the town hall. 7:00 p.m .: Big cheers from the CDU – it is already clear that Schuster will stay in office.

Palmer receives beaming congratulations. 8:15 p.m .: The victory celebration in the Stuttgart Ratskeller begins. Teufel congratulates Schuster and Palmer. The Minister of State is in a good mood, jokes with Teufel, toasts the CDU supporters.22.00 p.m .: Teufel leaves the Ratskeller.22.30 p.m .: Schuster speaks with Joachim Pfeiffer, the Bundestag member and former Stuttgart’s economic promoter ..22.31 p.m .: Palmer approaches the two , with a glass of wheat beer in hand.

Eyewitnesses see how he grabs Pfeiffer by the collar and insults him as a “traitor” and a “ringleader.” 22:32: Palmer gives Pfeiffer three loudly ringing whistles and calls him a “bastard”. Palmer to Pfeiffer: “Your political career will soon come to an end.” 10:33 pm: Party friends try to calm Palmer down. He leaves the hall.23.15 p.m .: Palmer returns.