Stöckli now sees an opportunity to make the area known as a location for campers, to keep guests longer and thus also to earn more. Things are going less well for cities that sometimes receive many Asian groups as guests or live from events that have now been canceled.

Stöckli now sees an opportunity to make the area known as a location for campers, to keep guests longer and thus also to earn more. Things are going less well for cities that sometimes receive many Asian groups as guests or live from events that have now been canceled.

People entering Germany from a risk area must expect a 14-day quarantine. However, holidaymakers from Turkey can be exempted from this if they can show a negative corona test that is not older than 48 hours when they enter Germany. After entering Turkey from Germany, there is no longer any quarantine obligation. However, the temperature is measured at the airport. If there are symptoms, a corona test can be carried out – the Turkish Ministry of Health then decides how to proceed.

A safety distance applies on the beaches, at the pool there are only pre-packaged towels, in airports and hotels thermal imaging cameras are used. The government has developed a certification program for restaurateurs and hotels. German companies also provide inspectors. Source:, awi / dpa “” Hiking instead of beach vacation: Due to the corona pandemic, many people have decided to vacation in the mountains in Switzerland. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) The Corona pandemic severely restricts vacation destinations this summer. Where do people spend their days off? Significantly more pilgrimages than expected to Swiss campsites or vacation in the mountains – this not only makes the hosts happy. At first there was a yawning emptiness because of the corona pandemic, now many Swiss restaurateurs are groaning under the many booking inquiries, campsites are fully booked.

But the influx of visitors is only found in certain regions in Switzerland, with the large mountain areas being overrun by holidaymakers this summer following the recent easing. Many inns and campsites there have higher bookings for the summer months than last year, as a survey by the German press agency shows. In addition, wild campers are becoming a problem in some places in Switzerland, as community representatives report on the radio. “We have a 27 percent increase in demand for the entire summer,” says Luzi Bürkli from the Graubünden Ferien organization. The telephone has been glowing at Gasthaus Krone in La Punt in the Engadine since mid-June, says Sonja Martin, who runs the three-star hotel with her husband Andreas, on Swiss radio. “We have never had such well-booked hotel rooms at this time as we have at this moment.” The situation in the canton of Valais is also very promising, for example in the Saas-Fee and Aletsch regions. “In June the occupancy was better than in the same month in previous years,” says Mathias Fleischmann from the marketing organization Wallis Promotion. On the one hand, there will be more Swiss guests who are not spending their holidays abroad this year, but also visitors from Germany and the Benelux countries, say the tourism officials.

Campsites are also largely fully booked until August. Many people with mobile homes have therefore stopped in the great outdoors or in parking lots to spend the night. That can be expensive, and fines of thousands of Swiss francs can be imposed. “There were campers in practically every parking lot,” says the mayor of the municipality of Flüeli, in the canton of Lucerne, Sabine Wermelinger, on SRF radio. Some behaved in an exemplary manner, but others left mountains of rubbish behind.

Locals in the canton of Uri felt taken by surprise by campers, said the managing director of the tourism association, Maurus Stöckli. In addition to the rubbish, there have been “the very worst cases”: “That you divert your legacies into the mountain stream instead of taking them with you.” Many municipalities are now making new parking spaces available for mobile homes at short notice.should the driving age be raised to 18 argumentative essay Uri has already allocated 65 temporary parking spaces, one for example next to a cross-country skiing center, where showers and toilets are available. The overnight stay then costs 20 francs (18.70 euros). Uri is actually a transit canton, most of the guests rush through in the direction of Ticino and Italy.

Stöckli now sees an opportunity to make the area known as a location for campers, to keep guests longer and thus also to earn more. Things are going less well for cities that sometimes receive many Asian groups as guests or live from events that have now been canceled. The owner of the five-star Schweizerhof Hotel in Lucerne, Patrick Hauser, normally has 80 percent foreign guests. The classical music festival, which is important to him, does not take place.

Hauser wants to attract visitors with intimate house concerts. In addition to Swiss people, Interlaken also usually attracts many Asian tour groups in summer. According to Interlaken Tourismus, the number of overnight stays will hardly be matched by record years like 2018 or 2019. The bookings from Germany have increased. Source:, joh / dpa “” Even the large shadow cast by the stand-up paddlers can make the animals in the area nervous. (Photo: imago images / Manngold) In the Corona- In the crisis, many people take their vacation at local waters. She is not only drawn to swimming – nature is often explored by rubber dinghy, canoe or SUP board.

Breeding animals in the reed belt can be seriously disturbed as a result, possibly with fatal consequences.Experiencing nature and damaging it: Anyone who is not careful on the SUP board or in the canoe can cause a lot of harm. “Rare and endangered birds breed in many bodies of water, especially in the peripheral areas. If people come too close, they disturb them and they may leave their nests,” explains Beatrice Claus, consultant for water protection at WWF. This year in particular could be fatal: The sales and rental figures for SUP boards are increasing. And in the wake of the Corona crisis, many people prefer to vacation at home waters rather than far away. “Our member schools report a sharp increase in bookings and rental inquiries since the first relaxation of the Covid-19 measures,” says Phil Mandeau from the German Stand-Up-Paddle Association. “We have the impression that with the slow lifting of the corona restrictions, people are drawn more and more out into nature and into water.” At this time of year, many water birds hid in the reeds to raise their young, says Till Hopf, head of nature conservation and land use at the Naturschutzbund. If you get too close to the parent animals, in the worst case scenario, there is a risk of losing the offspring.

A disturbance can be caused by the volume or the shadows that are unfamiliar to the birds, explains Claus. Especially with stand-up paddlers, this is large and threatening. Distance – this is not only the top priority when it comes to protection against corona, but also to protect nature. “If an animal calls out excitedly or if it gets hectic, it means: I’m too close and I have to keep my distance,” explains nature conservation expert Hopf.

Then one should withdraw carefully. Mandeau from the Stand-Up-Paddle Association adds: “It goes without saying that SUPs and other water sports equipment are not used in closed nature, bird and spawning protection areas.” However, in times of great photos for social media and cheap SUP board offers at discounters, it is not always easy to sensitize all stand-up paddlers to the topic and to reach them with information, says Mandeau. One has to hope for common sense and the willingness to find out more “so that this great nature sport is not severely restricted with driving bans on lakes and rivers due to misconduct”. Nature conservationist Beatrice Claus is confident: “I assume that it can be regulated – that is, to let people into nature and at the same time to protect nature.” After all, it is also important that people experience nature. Source:, chf / dpa “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles from on the subject of summer vacation Every sixth German has booked this year’s summer vacation online or is currently planning to do so. Germans are spending a little less money on vacation travel this summer than in summer 2008. On average, the travel budget has fallen by 85 euros to 2150 euros per household. Thanks to an EU regulation, many travelers can use their mobile phones cheaper in other European countries in time for their summer vacation.

Many Germans will have to dig deeper into their pockets for their 2009 summer vacation than they did this year. Angela Merkel goes relaxed on summer vacation. At the federal press conference she made her goal for the time afterwards clear: to continue the work that had been started and to end the legislative period with decency. Hoping for a summer figure: three out of four Germans want to lose weight by their summer vacation. This was the result of an online survey by the market research institute Innofact.

After several sensational cuddling appearances at parties, Prince William and Kate Middleton are said to have agreed to spend their summer vacation together. This year significantly fewer Germans went on summer vacation than in 2005. The main reason, however, was not the soccer World Cup, but the price. At Europe’s largest tour operator TUI, the summer holiday business fell well short of expectations. According to a representative survey, one in four Germans (25 percent) cannot afford a trip this summer.

16 percent have already booked their summer vacation. “Midfielder Felix Götze from Bundesliga soccer club FC Augsburg was infected with Corona during his summer vacation. As the club announced, the brother of Rio World Champion Mario Götze was positive about Covid before the start of team training -19. According to the club, the 22-year-old is symptom-free and had no previous contact with his teammates. He did not take part in the performance diagnostics on Tuesday. During his vacation, Götze had a corona case in his circle of friends, whereupon he returned to Augsburg He is now in quarantine at home and will only be allowed to return to the team after two negative corona tests.

In contrast to Götze, Daniel Caligiuri, Tobias Strobl and goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz were the three newcomers from Augsburg in the diagnostic tests at the start. Source: “Artem Bahmet played an official tennis match, although he has probably never played tennis had, and is said to have bet on his own defeat. (Photo: imago / PhotoAlto) A man from Ukraine competes in a tournament that is about counters for the world rankings – and does not win a single point. He is also not supposed to be a tennis player but rather deal with sports betting and bet on his own defeat. Artem Bahmet has never won Wimbledon, never made it past the first round of the French Open, never stood on the court at one of the tennis tournaments in Germany. No, the one Name Artem Bahmet says nothing even to the greatest experts.

That’s because he’s not really a tennis player at all. Nevertheless, the man from Ukraine was allowed to qualify at the $ 15,000 tournament of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in Doha. Against the Thai Krittin Koaykul, who is only in 1367 in the world rankings, the Ukrainian didn’t get a single point and lost 0: 6, 0: 6. In tennis, this is known as the golden match. The question remains which tournament official Bahmet received a wildcard for qualification.

Because the official way into the qualification field for a tournament in the ITF Future Series, the third division in the professional circus, is rocky: In principle, every tennis player can register for these tournaments, but the places in the main and qualification fields will then decrease Allocate ranking positions. If not enough players report with world ranking points, the free places are distributed among the often several hundred tennis players on the waiting lists, hard factors such as national ranking positions also count here. You have to be very lucky – or you know one of the organizers who hand out the wild cards, i.e. the free tickets. Bahmet obviously knew the right people – or he was very lucky.

In a video circulating on Twitter, it looks like the Ukrainian held a bat in his hand for the first time in the match that was broadcast online. The Spanish version of Eurosport even called him the “worst tennis player in the world”. He is not listed at all in the ATP ranking and he does not appear on the website of the Ukrainian Tennis Association. The officials are now in particular criticism because various bookmakers had the game on their list. So far, the match is a curious story, maybe a bad joke.

But is it really sports fraud? As the Ukrainian sports website “” reports, Bahmet is a manager of an online channel that deals with sports betting. According to contributions from the Russian-speaking channel, Bahmet is even said to have bet on his own defeat with a colleague. A man writes in Cyrillic in the forum: “Here in the video you can see our manager Artem playing an ITF tournament.” He goes on to say that Bahmet doesn’t even know the rules and that “it was the first time he ever picked up a tennis racket today.” With illegal bets, people financed a vacation and more: “By betting on this match, we could Pay for a trip for two to Doha and a week in an excellent hotel, “says the forum.

That was only part of the income and more should follow: “Next week Artem will play another qualifying match and we will bet against him again.” Whether it really comes to Bahmet in another tennis Match on which bets can also be placed is unclear. At the request of, Mark Harrison, spokesman for the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU), the anti-corruption organization that deals with betting manipulation in tennis, among other things: “The TIU is the qualifying match that took place yesterday at the ITF World Tennis Tour M15 tournament was played in Doha, Qatar. In accordance with our policy of confidentiality of business processes, we will not make any further public comments at this time. “Tennis is currently in the less lucrative tournament series, which is for ambitious young professionals with high costs and low prize money, and often closed to the public, are prone to betting fraud.

In the cases that have come to light so far, however, the perpetrators proceeded much more subtly than the now best-known unknown tennis player in the world is said to have done. Source: “” News and information at a glance.