Take things a little more slowly, that is good for you now

Take things a little more slowly, that is good for you now

Defend yourself, that will earn you respect. At the beginning of September you want to secure what you have achieved so far – and then attack again fully in autumn. Business planet Mercury is in your zodiac sign from September 27th to October 29th and then again from November 10th to December 2nd. You can fulfill a long-cherished wish, drive forward important projects, reposition yourself financially and tackle everything that should be really good.


You are getting a real power start, because strength giver Mars will be in your zodiac sign until January 4th. After that, make yourself comfortable on the couch. The gym has to do without you for now. In return, you demonstrate discipline in matters of nutrition and resist the sweet pastries at the bakery.

Wellness is on the agenda from April to mid-May. You feel drained and want to take care of yourself. Afterwards, gentle water energy gives you a good feeling for your body and its needs. Until the Leo-Sun tears you out of your dreams at the end of July and demands more commitment. You work up a sweat and feel stressed. September is the ideal time to put your diet to the test and pamper yourself with vitamins and minerals. The effect is heightened under the Virgo energy. From October 23 to November 22, the sun will give you a high level of fitness and the ability to enjoy every moment intensely.


Pretty dynamic: Sagittarius zodiac sign

Your typical fire will keep you warm in 2020. But you will also discover a gentle side of yourself. An exciting mix that will make you happy!


Mars will give you a sparkling love high until mid-February. And you don’t want to leave the bedroom at all. From April to mid-May it will be less intense. What you still like at first can sometimes get on your nerves over the course of the summer. You feel like you just can’t get hold of your partner or flirt. Forget about the clear announcements and rather enjoy this non-commitment. It brings new lightness to your love life. And as a fire sign, this is good for you. With more gentleness, a heart opens to you.

When Venus is in fiery Leo in September, your passionate side will also come back to life. Mars is also fueling the whole thing. He stays in Aries the rest of the year. And just like you, it is assigned to the element fire. The sweetest candy comes at the end: From December 15th you will be under the exclusive care of the messenger of love Venus. Your year begins with a fiery start, and that’s exactly how it ends.


You don’t need a long start-up time, you are right there and spice up January with your creative ideas. Don’t rush ahead alone in February. The better you coordinate, the more you achieve. At the beginning of / in the middle of March things are going on again in a playful way, after which a project comes to a halt.community service essay example Patience is now required, from mid-April you can easily make up for the slight delay. You are yourself amazed at the success you are now seeing.

Clear communication is required in May. Better to check back if you are not sure that you have understood everything correctly. In August you are an ace in (self-) marketing, while in the beginning of autumn you will perfect your social skills. The Libra-Merkur also supports you in everything creative. And it will help you rethink your mind if you get lost on something. Is an apology due? This is also easier for you now. In December you can advance a matter close to your heart.


You are literally storming into the year, because strength giver Mars is in your zodiac sign until February 17th and your condition is at the highest level. Then the soul demands more caresses. The gentle Pisces-Sun advises wellness and quiet moments. But from mid-March you don’t want to know anything about it. You accelerate again and are really turned up. You sag a little from mid-May to mid-June. Take things a little slower, it will do you good now. In this way you will recharge your batteries for the second half of the year.

Starting June 28, Mars will be in Aries for the rest of the year: like you would a fire sign. This gives you extra stamina as well as a lot of power and enterprising spirit. The period from July 23rd to August 22nd will be very strong: You absorb the summer heat and convert it into a plus in energy. Your stomach may be sensitive in September. Better to avoid hot spices. When the sun is in your sign from November 21st to December 22nd, you will experience the fittest phase of the whole year.


You open your heart wide to love: Capricorn zodiac sign

No way, Capricorn only has work on his mind. You do it with the usual confidence. But in 2020 you will also be more intensely involved in your feelings.


You’re not exactly known for your emotional outbursts. But let the other person look deeper into your heart until mid-February. The gentle Pisces Venus activates your soft side. Then the erotic planet Mars will be in your zodiac sign until the end of March. Things are more revealing in the bedroom too. The rest of spring shows you a good feeling for the wishes and needs of your loved one. No big words are needed. One look is enough and you know what’s going on. That makes everyday life a lot easier.

There are minor differences in August. Now it is important not to withdraw offended, but to speak openly about it. Family planning works well in October. What you do now is good for both of you in the long run. A few clouds gather in November, but good conversations will bring new understanding for one another from November 22nd. And the year ends with a love high.


At the beginning of the year, Merkur enables a coup. The business planet is under your sign until January 17th, which will open many a previously closed door for you. Then you want to devote yourself to your creative ideas and break new ground. Until you are thwarted roughly in the middle / end of April. But giving up is not an option. You improve it again and so your project works on the second attempt. Bank appointments, salary discussions, sensible investments: the first half of May is ideal for everything to do with money.

In early summer you have a hard time being a lone fighter. Then don’t be too proud to take help and advice. That takes you further, and it also strengthens the team spirit. In the middle or at the end of August you can secure what you have achieved so far and then treat yourself to a lazy September. From September 28th you will be fully back and ready to think about difficult topics and contexts. On December 20th, Mercury will change to your sign again: The year ends as successfully as it began.


You know exactly what to expect and when it would be too much for you. As an earth sign, you are known for your sensible use of your physical resources. You have impressively demonstrated that this year too. And it starts off really well: The sun will be in your zodiac sign until January 21st, which will boost your fitness. From mid-February to the end of March, the second energy planet Mars is in Capricorn: you are bursting with power.

In May you shed your sober manner and enjoy with all your senses. This is especially good for the soul. From the middle of May to the end of June, Mars sharpens your feeling for your body. What you do for yourself now has a particularly favorable effect. You are more stressed in July. Plan your free time as relaxed as possible. Healthy cooking is by no means boring. In September you will have fun pampering yourself with new recipes and lots of vitamins. On December 21st, the sun will change again into your sign and sharpen your eyes for what makes you happy.


Great start and brilliant finish: Aquarius zodiac sign

The focus is on the beautiful side of life, and love is definitely one of them. In addition, your mind is wide awake and you are producing one good idea after another.


The first days of the year will be unforgettable. They spray the pure zest for life from every pore of your body. That carries over to the relationship as well. You both have a lot of fun together. And singles fall head over heels in love. Exactly this informality is good for you. In spring Mars will awaken your desire for more. Sex now plays a big role. And it’s so tingly that you could get addicted to it. The entire second half of the year is erotic Mars in fiery Aries. This encourages you to try out new methods of seduction and generally allow more closeness.

But Venus is in the air sign Gemini from April to the beginning of August: The balance between intense moments and your beloved looseness is right. Then there’s an exciting mix: September has big Hollywood movies and a little drama in store. In November you show yourself to be vulnerable and very gentle. In the first half of December, you contradict on principle, after which there is a passionate reconciliation.


Your mind is wide awake and you are producing one good idea after another by mid-March. Mercury is in your zodiac sign from January 16th to February 4th and then again from March 4th to 17th. This enables special successes and one or the other flash of inspiration. In April, things left behind can be processed quickly and routine jobs are less annoying. In the first half of May, more precise work is required. Check out supposedly cheap offers critically, there could be a catch.

You can handle important appointments with ease in the second half of May. You know exactly which argument will convince your counterpart. Don’t be tempted to make a frivolous promise in August and stick to tried and tested methods whenever possible. In September and the first half of November, Merkur sharpens your feeling for trends and for everything that has to look good. In December, Merkur increases the chances of winning. The courage to take risks will be rewarded as long as you don’t overdo it.


Body and mind will be in top form from the middle of January, because the spirit planet Mercury and the power-giver sun will go through their zodiac sign. And just when this euphoria slowly fades away, there’s already the next cosmic candy. From April to mid-May you are under exclusive care from Mars. And it’s not called an energy planet for nothing. Your fitness will experience a new high and you will master everything that is coming up with more ease.

Above all, in June you need dear people around you. The more of it, the more comfortable you feel. Quite different in August: the rapid pace of the Leo Sun is too much for you and you feel stressed. As much as you enjoy being out and about, a quiet evening at home is good for you. With the beginning of autumn, your good body awareness will return and above all you will demonstrate mental strength. In the first half of November you tend to have quick action. Don’t overdo it, the sun is briefly squared. But already from November 22nd, it will release new strength.


You dance in love through the year: zodiac sign Pisces

The reality is now more beautiful than any dream and above all love fulfills you completely. Neptune also strengthens your intuition and your sensitivity in togetherness.


Sometimes it is almost more fun for you to dream of love than to actually live it. This is because you paint everything in the most beautiful colors and reality often cannot keep up. But in 2020 it will be different: until February 8th you will only see pink hearts everywhere. Venus names these days the most beautiful of the whole year. And she sends singles a suitable flirt candidate over. In March things will continue with feeling and you are ready for concrete future planning.

From mid-May to the end of June the air crackles with desire. You rarely experience sex so intensely. After that, you are more bothered than usual by the little quirks of your loved one. But in August, you will focus again on what connects the two of you. In October you need a short break from flirting, dating and turtling – in order to soak up the closeness of your loved one from the end of November. They happily discover: sometimes love can simply be more beautiful than any dream!


You are not exactly known for your discipline, but in January Mercury will help you stick to your plans. Don’t let headwinds unsettle you so quickly. From February to mid-April everything goes amazingly easy. No wonder, Mercury is in your zodiac sign, this is always the most successful time of the year from the perspective of the stars. The more you trust your intuition, the better it goes.

The first half of May is ideal for shopping trips and to clarify financial issues. In June or July you score with your creative ideas and your ability to work in a team. They all swear to a common goal and then celebrate the successes together. In autumn you get to the heart of a matter. Anyone who wants to continue their education or tackle difficult projects: It works more easily now. You grow with the challenges and develop further. Your self-confidence is half the way to success.


You glide relaxed into the year and take it easy for now. Since Mars steals strength until mid-February, that’s exactly right. In return, the sun supports you in implementing good resolutions. You show amazing discipline. And you clearly differentiate between the important and the unimportant. That saves time and nerves. You will experience your fittest time from February 19th to March 21st. Because now the sun is passing through your zodiac sign. At the end of April, sweets act as a good mood kick. You allow yourself more of it, but without overdoing it. Body, soul and spirit are in perfect balance.

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At the beginning of May you have a little sag. But that is quickly forgotten by the middle of the month. Because now Mars is moving into your zodiac sign and will stay there until the end of June. Not only do you have a lot of power, but you also have the courage to part with what is draining your energy. Make sure you eat healthy food in September, otherwise your stomach will rebel. From October 23rd to November 22nd, the sun will sponsor another high fitness level.

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