The School Jury, created together with the Russian movement of schoolchildren, worked separately

The School Jury, created together with the Russian movement of schoolchildren, worked separately

The project involves 170 children aged 11-16 from 17 regions of the country – leaders of school self-government and activists of children’s public organizations who are fond of local history activities.

The program is carried out in the form of a “Tourist Campaign” game model. Children study the history and sights of the country’s regions, discuss issues related to the preservation and promotion of little-known but significant places, get acquainted with the well-known routes of the country and determine the main tourist destinations.

The key stage of the training will be the work of project groups in the areas of environmental, cultural, historical, sports, scientific and technical tourism. The participants of the shift will learn the peculiarities of drawing up routes in reserves, national parks, cultural heritage sites, places of historical battles.

The children will present the final projects of tourist and local history routes at the final presentation of the shift.

All participants will receive certificates, and the authors of the most interesting developments will be awarded diplomas.  

A solemn ceremony of awarding the laureates of the All-Russian competition “PRO Education 2019” was held at the MIA Rossiya Segodnya.

The ceremony was attended by the First Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation P.S. Zenkovich, First Deputy Chairman of the Education and Science Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation G.G. Onishchenko, President of the Russian Academy of Education (RAO) Yu.P. Zinchenko, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation M.A. Borovskaya, as well as teachers, journalists, students and schoolchildren.

“I am sure that the participants in the PRO Education competition are just from that cohort of people whose creativity is aimed at creation and enlightenment. There are many people who talk about what is happening in education. But not everyone can present the material in a lucid and understandable way, highlight the accents, and this is so necessary in today’s world, “- said in the video greeting of the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation O.Yu. Vasilyeva.

“I would like to pay tribute to those who write on topics that a large number of people really care about. This is not only a professional community of teachers, but also 16 million schoolchildren, more than 30 million parents. This is a colossal audience that really follows what is happening in our field. Thank you very much for this, ”said PS. Zenkovich before the announcement of the winners. 

More than 900 applications were submitted to the competition. The whole country took part – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Applications came from large cities, and from regional centers, and from villages.

The All-Russian competition “PRO Education” is aimed at supporting and encouraging the media and projects that contribute to the coverage and popularization of education, increasing the prestige of the teaching profession and developing professional educational communication.

The jury of the competition included renowned teachers, journalists and public figures. Among them is the dean of the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosova E.L. Vartanova, academician of the Russian Academy of Education B.M. Bim-Bad, cosmonaut S.N. Ryazansky and others. 

The School Jury, created jointly with the Russian movement of schoolchildren, worked separately. It consisted of high school students from all regions of the country who have shown great success in journalistic and social projects. 

Laureates of the competition “PRO Education 2019”

1. Nomination “Articles about ABM Education, which are worth reading”: Ksenia Kolesnikova (“Rossiyskaya Gazeta”), article “Cool letter of the law. Pupil and teacher: who has more rights? ” and other publications. 

2. Nomination “Mass Media Publishing PRO Education Materials That Are Worth Reading, Listening or Watching”: “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” edition. 

3. Nomination “Journalists who create ABM materials Education, who should be trusted”: Alexander Murashov, author of the book “Another School”, host of programs at the radio station “Mayak”. 

4. Nomination: “Blogs and communities PRO Education, which are worth subscribing to”: Community “Parta”, the project of the Internet edition “Mel”. 

5. Nomination: “Videos of ABM Education, which are worth watching”: Plots on the video channel “Eighth school”, school number 8, Elabuga. 

6. Nomination: “Employees of educational organizations writing ABM Education, which are worth paying attention to”: Andrey Fedotov (video channel “Teacher from BLOG”). 

7. Nomination “Schoolchildren and students publishing ABM Education materials that adults should read”: Stepan Chichulin, student of Lyceum No. 1303, Moscow (video channel Chemistry Today). 

8. Nomination “PRO Education websites that are worth reading regularly”: Internet edition “Mel”. 

9. Nomination “Media resources for PRO education, which are chosen by schoolchildren”: Internet magazine “Shturman”, Tomsk, online project of the children’s media center of the MAOU “Career planning”. 

10. Nomination “The best publications of ABM chemical education”: Publications in the journal “Chemistry and Life”. 

The founder of the competition is the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the directorate of the All-Russian festival NAUKA 0+ acted as the operator of the competition. The Alisher Usmanov Charitable Foundation “Art, Science and Sport” pays special attention to the competition, one of the priority activities of which is to support scientific, educational and social projects. This year the foundation has established special prizes for all finalists who have become laureates in the nominations of the competition.  

President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin took part in the Big Open Lesson “School of Tomorrow” in the framework of the All-Russian Forum of Professional Navigation “Proektory”. The head of state talked to the participants of the lesson in the teleconference mode. Schools from 18 regions of Russia were connected to the live broadcast, and a total of 30,000 students from all over the country watched the lesson.

During the broadcast, the schoolchildren shared their vision of their future, asked questions to the head of state, talked about the help they receive from their parents, teachers and school in the process of finding an educational and professional path. In his address, the President of Russia emphasized that today it is especially important to help young people determine where they will be most in demand and achieve the maximum result. He noted the importance of such vocational guidance tools as the online trainer “Fitting Professions” presented at the forum. “Every year, ProjeKToria and other programs of this kind really help young people in a very serious way to determine their profession, find themselves in life and not make a mistake with this choice,” the head of state noted. Answering a question from one of the students about the relationship between talent and early career guidance, V.V. Putin noted that it “will not interfere with the breakthrough of bright talents, people with genius in those areas in which they can prove themselves in the best possible way.” In addition, he gave the floor to the Minister of Education O.Yu. Vasilyeva with a request to share her vision. The head of the Ministry of Education also noted the need for early career guidance. “I agree that each director can determine the number of hours and time and, most importantly, those partners who should be invited to schools, with whom you can communicate and help children in finding themselves. It seems to me that if we implement this experience earlier, for example, from the 6th grade, as we have done now in the professions of the future, then we will be able to get results in the future, ”the Minister said.  

Kazan hosts the final of the Russian national award “Student of the Year – 2019”, a joint project of the Russian Union of Youth and the platform “Russia – a country of opportunities”. 400 students of professional educational organizations from 48 constituent entities of the Russian Federation will compete for the title of the best in individual and collective nominations in the full-time final.

The final opening ceremony took place at the Volga State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism. The final of the award for professional educational organizations was preceded by 63 regional stages, in which more than 6,000 students took part. According to the results of the extramural stage, the 400 best went to the final full-time stage in Kazan. The struggle for the title of “Student of the Year” of professional educational organizations will take place in the final of the award in 7 individual nominations: “Student Leader of the Year”, “Chairman of the Student Council of the Year”, “Head of the Year”, “Professional of the Year”, “Social Worker of the Year”, “Creative Personality of the Year ”,“ Sportsman of the Year ”and in collective nominations:“ Volunteer Association of the Year ”,“ Student Club of the Year ”. The most popular were “Creative Person of the Year”, “Professional of the Year”, “Social Man of the Year” and “Sportsman of the Year”.